JON Wirthner

Interactive Media Creation



Jon Wirthner is a media artist and interaction designer based in Zurich. He is engaged in film making and creating interactions with all kinds of people and media.


My passion is ideas on the edge of known use and sense.



Ideate, Design & Implement
…meaningful interaction and experience. 


Create, Prototype & Test
…new ideas, in and around any kind of boxes.


Structure, Transform & Shape
…things that do not work or even exist yet.


Making & Telling Stories
…that get messages across – through words or any kind of media.


Digital Animation & Video
…in self contained production.


Video Workshops
…to convey basic skills and enthusiasm in video production 
to people on all stages of education.


Disruption & Innovation 
The core of my projects is often a sense of radical change, new perspectives and progression.


Prototypes & Prospects
I test Ideas from scratch on – keep it real and make sure no questions remain.


Bricolage & Tinkering
…having more ideas than resources this is the way to make it possible and find new inspiration.






I work in many different fields and more than often in-between them. Select from the categories below to filter projects.




*1988 Release of  “Jon M. Wirthner”, a collaborative production by L. Campell and A. Wirthner.

2004 Jon got into film production as an intern, juggled different jobs around the set and moved on to production assistance.

2011 he graduated BA in Media Arts at the Univerity of Plymouth (UK). From then on he worked as assistant or independent producer of media projects in Switzerland. In-between projects Jon did labour on construction sites for both, restoration as well as demolition and was in charge of various courses on media, canoeing and snowboarding.

2013 he started studying again, Interaction Design it was this time. Since then he also performs animated live drawing along with music by organist Ursula Heim and was awarded with the Echo Award 2016.

2017 he got his BA in Interaction Design at the ZHdK in Zürich and started freelancing as designer and media artist. He often animated or illustrated things for the purpose of information, presentation or interaction.

NOW Jon is looking for interesting projects to engage or employment in a company that is better than his own. Contact him to learn more about his current state.






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