Tu’ Du-Cards

Autumn 2015, in 48 hours | “Best in Social Impact” Designathon 2015 | In cooperation with Nicolà Tissi

This project that was created during the first 48-hours Designathon in Switzerland and presented as a pitch in 90 Seconds. It won “Best in Social Impact”

Tu’Du Cards are an concept on how we could improve the way we choose, split and organise our work in the future. It allows people to successively define their own profile of competence through the jobs they do and rewards with “quality time” and experience-points instead of money. A self regulating feedback-system constantly rates the urgency and required competences of different jobs – tasks no one can or want to do, increase the “quality time” they reward with. This allows employers a better understanding of the match between tasks and competences within their company. Based on their current competence profile, employees can individually choose their tasks and go for reward in spare time or in new competences (allowing them to do other work).