Carnaval des Animaux

Since Spring 2013, ongoing | artistic animation of handdrawings | Mandated by Ursula Heim

“Le Carnaval des Animaux” is a musical composition by Camille Saint Saëns which was enriched with a narration by Loriot. It tells the story of 12 different animals meeting on the occasion of a carneval each playing its very own song. Along with organ music by Ursula Heim (and others -> I mix live drawing with precomposed elements of animation to create arty projections onto walls and screens. A performance of live animation that tells a story along with literal and musical narration.

Since 2013 we performed the “Carnaval de Animaux” at over 20 events such as the Organ Festival in Alkmaar, Bergamo and Toulouse. Currently we are working on an interpretation of “Die Bremer Stadtmusikantern” – there is more to come!